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The Kronthal (large cliff and lion rock) is a major climbing site in Alsace.

  • The Loewenkopf or Lion Rock

  • It is a climbing rock located in the Kronthal pass, between Marlenheim and Wasselonne. It is less known than the big climbing cliff, but it also has advantages!
  • The Loewenkopf is more accessible to beginners and children. It is lower (between 4 and 15m) than the "Kronthal" and its routes have a more accessible level of difficulty (5b to 7a).
  • The possibility of equipping the tracks from the top of the rock also facilitates practice with beginners.
  • In strong heat it is a preferred solution because its walls are well shaded ;-)

Lion Rock web page


  • The big cliff or the “Kronthal”

  • The Kronthal or large cliff is visible from the RD 1004. It is an old quarry which was used for the construction of the cathedral of Strasbourg.
  • With around 130 routes (from 5 to 9a), this pink sandstone bar with a super-adherent grain of around 30m high, will require you to physically climb in movements with scarce and distant grips.
  • The site is more suitable for climbers who already have a good base up to experienced climbers.
  • Facing south, it is ideal in spring or autumn. In summer it can be very hot and the sun beats down hard. However in case of rain, a dozen routes (level 7 and above) are perfectly sheltered by a rock overhang.

Kronthal web page

  • For those who would like to diversify their climbing, different climbing sites are accessible by car around Wasselonne: the rock of the Brotsch cave (18min), the Spille (18min), the Geisfels (37min), the Muhlberg (20min).